Me, myself and I

birth year:1976
eye color:green
hair color:brown
I live in:Italy
languages I speak:Italian and English
relationship status:married
religion:spiritual but not religious
political view:libertarian
humor:friendly,dry-sarcastic,clever-quick witted
fashion:casual,classic and smart
pets:I like dogs [Afghan hound] and cats [Russian Blue, Siamese, Persian]
passions:photography,visual arts,cinema,friendship,philosophy,to breathe,to do not sleep,contemplation,reading
sports:I'm anti-sportsman but I'd like to play tennis
favorite reading genres:cult, spirituals, poetry
books:"By the river Piedra I sat down and wept" and "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho, "Siddharta" by Hermann Hesse
favorite music genres:classical,pop,reggae,soul,lounge and chill-out
bands and singers:W.A. Mozart,Buddha-Bar,Maria Callas,Bob Marley,U2,Manu Chao,Hotel Costes,Buena Vista Social Club
favorite tv genres:romance,documentary,drama
movies:the movies directed by F. Truffaut,The taste of cherry,Notting Hill,Eyes wide shut,Pulp Fiction
serials:Ally McBeal,Grey's Anatomy,E.R.,Desperate Housewives,The Practice,Friends
favorite food genres:Arabic,Greek,Japanese and Italian cuisine
favorite foods:cous-cous,moussakas,sushi,sashimi and sukiyaki,pizza
favorite travels genres:cultural,romantic,events
favorite locations:Paris and New York
turn on:intelligence
turn off:falseness
five things I can't live without:friendship,dreaming,reading,travelling and of course K.